How to Help Dogs Scared of Fireworks - 5 Effective Tips to Keep Your Furry Friends Calm

Why are dogs afraid of fireworks?

Dogs and fireworks do not usually go hand in hand.

However, not all dogs get scared of fireworks, I'm sure you know many dogs or furry friends who cannot stand the 4th of July because they are afraid of the loud noises or the fireworks, and I'm sure you know some that have no problem with it at all!

Dogs get scared because they have very sensitive hearing and the sound of fireworks is extremely loud.

Your dog's acute sense of hearing picks up more than twice as many frequencies as humans, and they can also hear sounds roughly four times further away

All of the loud noises can be quite startling to our pets, fireworks can also smell quite strong, which can be overwhelming for dogs and the sudden flashing lights of fireworks can be scary for many dogs!

Dog owners, keep reading to find top tips for keeping your dog safe and calm! ⬇️


If you're like most dog owners, you dread the 4th of July.

Why? Because we worry about our pups. In this post, we'll share some tips on how to help your dog feel calm during the fireworks.

Whether you're at home for the celebration or out of the house leaving your canine companion at home, these tips should help reduce your dog's anxiety during that awesome firework show.

So, keep reading and hopefully, your 4th of July will be a little less stressful for both you and your pet!

5 Tips for your pup:

1. Make a safe space for your dog ❤️

This could be a quiet room in the house where your dog feels safe and comfortable.

or even a crate or dog bed.

This could be their dog crate or their doggy bed. If your dog is used to being in a crate, this may be a good option for them during the show.

You may be their safe space, so show them extra attention, all the love, and endless cuddles!

2. Play music or turn on the TV to drown out loud sounds 🎶

Drowning out all the loud noises.

Calming or soothing music or turning on your favorite TV show could really help the dog's anxiety during the firework displays.

This distracts them from the loud bangs the fireworks produce.

Drowning out even some of the noise can go a long way.

You can also try leaving a fan on, closing the windows, leaving the air conditioning on, or play white noise.

3. Give your dog plenty of water and food 🦴

Giving your dog food or water before the show starts could really bring their stress levels down.


Having a full stomach can help with anxiety and also make them sleepy.

Just like us humans!

Once dogs begin to be scared and nervous, they usually lose their appetite.

So, feed and give your pet plenty of water beforehand!

Give your dog treats throughout the night to distract them from time to time.

Don't punish your pet for being afraid, it's a totally normal reaction.

If you arent home, try leaving the pup's favorite bone or toy out to help distract them.

4. Exercise your dog before the fireworks start 🐕

Tire out your pup!


Spend time outdoors throughout the day with long walks or a trip to the dog park.

Remember that a tired dog is a calm dog!

This is a great way to make sure they are too tired to stay awake for the fireworks.

5. Stay calm ❇️

Don't forget that pets read into our body language!

If they can sense we are worried, scared, or jumping around out of excitement, chances are they will pick up on that energy and feel scared during the fireworks.

So, remain calm and keep your dog indoors and with someone during fireworks. No matter how exciting those fireworks are!

Have fun but don't forget our pups...

We all want to enjoy the 4th of July, even our pets. Lets do what we can to make them feel safe.


Independence Day is a time to celebrate with family, friends, pets, and fireworks.

If you want your pet to feel calm and to enjoy the festivities just as much as you do, follow these tips for keeping them calm during the fireworks show.

Make this 4th of July enjoyable for everyone by taking a few minutes to pause and think about all the fireworks from your dog’s perspective. Your pup will thank you 🐾

Have a safe and happy Fourth of July!

With love,

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